About Me

      Brian Healey, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has been practicing psychotherapy in California for the last twelve years.  He had served seven years as the clinical manager for a group practice in Palm Desert, and previously worked as a lead clinician with Riverside County Department of Mental Health.  Brian obtained his Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis, where he trained under nationally-renown therapists, psychiatrists, and researchers. He has successfully treated men and women who had struggled with a variety of concerns, such as depression, grief, substance abuse, family and work conflict, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions.  With a great breadth of understanding in interpersonal relationship dynamics, trauma recovery, mindfulness, personal development, and restructuring unconscious belief patterns, he has a wide range of skills and tools to help his clients.  In addition, he has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of therapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, family systems, holistic, and positive psychology. Clients he works with will be attune to, and appreciate, the intricate connections among the brain, the mind, the body, and personal energy.

      Some specific population groups he has worked with include the gay and lesbian community, couples, substance-recovering clients, medical professionals, law enforcement, and military personnel.  Working with children as young as four, with seniors in their eighties and nineties, and with families of every kind of background has richly broadened his experience.  He is active in the community, and has volunteered with a diverse range of civic organizations.  He loves to learn, to laugh, and to teach.  He finds witnessing the healing, achievements, and new insights that clients develop to be incredible rewarding.  He firmly believes that we all have innate abilities to create greater happiness and success, and works with clients to establish their own unique expression of their highest potential – to honor their own true self and their place in the world.